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Holiday Cheese Platter #Recipe:
Summer is way behind us but my friends from Paperless Post gave me reason to remind those beautiful moments from summer like calm afternoons with food and friends so today we will talk about my favourite subject which is fooood!

Since I remember my relationship with food was always a little bit complicated first I hate food then I loved it too much now I found perfect balance, my taste and my favourite way to eat.

For me day starts always from coffee most part od my morning is really rush and full of stress so I don't think about food, but around 2 o'clock my belly is reminding about food and ask for brunch.

This is my favourite part of day. I usually made my brunch quick and easy just for myself but while summer or warmer days in autumn I like to come back home for a minute and prepere something simply special for me my family and friends.

My way to go with bruch was always cheese plate and everything what I can eat with cheese. For me the perfect way to make really tasty bruch is to mix all the flavours together. Above you can see my usual brunch cheese plate, there is something spicy, crunchy, sweet and solty and under you can see my other ways to prepare brunch and how I decorate my table to make it even more fancy. 

The only thing you can do now is prepare really delicious lunch, send invitations and enjoy your moment with food!

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