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I'm most unpatient and messy person you can meet and writing about patience is somthing I thaught I will never talk about but life is crazy and puts you in situations when you never expect to find yourself and you need to learn to stand against them. Being in long dinstance reltionship is somthing I thaught I will never find myslef in but love is love and finds you in strange places and it's all about patience.

This type of relatinship I can describe as a constant battle with yourself and never stoping countdown. It's learing yourself to find perfect ballance between missing and excitment. It's making you feel like pressure inside your brain and heart can explode like bomb when you focus on distance to much. At the beginning you think you can handle this it's just time, same time, same passing like time witch you spend with love one, but when you come home you realize that your clock stops in the moment you left and nothing is same anymore. I woke up every morning with number in my head, everyday less, everyday keep going and you have to go and pry that everyday will be shorter because you cant wait to finally enjoy everyday with your partner, but when you exacly know when you gonna see him is much better, you have day to wait for and the only rule is to be patient and still happy and fully involved in your own life. Being in relationship no matter which type doesn't mean you have to disepair.

There are ups and downs, some days are depressing and just suck and it's even more hard because you can't handle on anything, you can't hold hands you can't hug you can't cry on his chest you even miss those simple normal everyday moments like having breakfast together, or driving car or just watching tv because while distance those simple moments are worth everything, they seem to be the biggest adventures, and you can't wait to have them back again.

Things that can keep you still alive like messages, skype, tattoos or flowers are much helpful then you know that this person really exist and love you no matter the distance, it keeps you motivated, keeps you believe that your relationship is stronger then 5000km, that is beyond anything and is getting stronger and stronger everyday.


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