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Last two weeks are really tough for me and moment of something stable or relaxing is like gold. It's really hard for me to moving over and over again from house to house mixing it with school and some other dramas on the way between. A lot of mess is still waiting to clean it up, and I'm seating here writing, to not loose mind.

Sometimes I feel like time get mad at me and decided to run even more fast, soon I will finish my first semester in school, after two months being in Poland I finally had chance to try out my new sofa and I'm living with my boyfriend together for almost month now, nothing strange you can say but for me is like blink and I'm not good about this, I have this annoying feeling like I missed something and I couldn't enjoy in 100% because I can't handle anything at once and it's making me really low and depressed. I really felt that autumn is here, depressive mood, and aweful weather, school drama and rush is not really good combination. It's so crazy that in moments like this when everything is going like a roller coaster you appreciate more those simple moments like watching "Charlie and the chocolate factory" for the first time especially when you can lay in your love ones arms, like finding last one cookie in package you wanted to throw away and finding song on your tidal account which came there from nowhere to became your favourite and stuck in mind for weeks, those little things making me feel like everything is still good, they makes me happy and they are time stop button and comfort zone.

It's really hard sport to keep up with this Christmas rush, school and things lately. We both try to focus to spend as much time together as possible and belive me or not it's hard even when you live same apartment, I really hate social media, all electronic devices and stupid things that are stealing our time lately, it's even funnier when you think that now I waste like hour of my life to write this, but it became like part of life, I felt really strange and my hands were shaking to finally grab my computer and write something even stupid. So here I'm praying to write it well, starring at my boyfriend playing games and wish to eat something now. Normal life, much needed those times, feels more normal and stable than it really is.

Let's not back to past weekend, week or month let's focus on today and pray that tomorrow is another saturday already. Have a good night!

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