12:16 PM

First date night since we moved together to Poland and we made it right. I think there is nothing we enjoy more together than those simple night outs just the two of us especially when we also share food together, our biggest second love haha It was really stressful friday but this man of mine know how to make my mood better nad better.

We started weekend today and I think it was something we needed so much, normal lazy not stressful weekend on the couch watching tv, writing and making laugh in pajamas. we finally felt normal not normal everyday life together and it definitely feels good. It's still so strange everytime i go bathroom or other room I feel like two weeks ago when he was somewhere there in Spain able to only text me on whats app and now he is sitting on my couch giggling my feet and playing those stupid computer games he have, and it feels so right and on good stage, and I definitely appreciate life lately more just because of this crazy soul on my side.

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