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It's time to gently welcome November, and I think it's good moment to put together my favourite october polaroids and few favourites from this summer.

Dear little almost palm tree,

Thank you so much to make our room prettier than ever and made us really happy. My plant obsession is real thanks to you.

Dear Ikea,

Thank you so much for entertaining family weekend and a lot of stuff on your shelves to buy. We did good job with those four trolleys of treasures.

Dear hair of mine,

Life with you is big struggle but thank you for this another shade of curly blond/red colour, it feels like autumn on my head.

Dear car rides,

I miss you so much, can't wait for another adventure.

Dear 2016 fall,

I feel extremly happy for fall this year, the weather is perfect to sweater weather obsesion be real again. Feels so good to rock in my old time favourites!

Dear Ciutadella,

You made me the happiest this year and changed my life forever. Miss you so much my beautiful friend!

Dear dad,

Thank you for remember how much I love daddy- daughter dates and food, good to be back home!

Dear autumn,

This year you are something beyond, Thank you for being better and prettier everyday, you made me feel like in dream I think you won my heart this year.

Dear boyfriend of mine,

I miss you so much.

Dear room,

You are getting better and comfier everyday, working in this space is such a pleasure I almost don't want it to be over yet.

Dear sunflowers,

You are just precious you always know how win my heart, you are just my favourite, This time is a little bit different not only you won my heart.

Dear selfies,

You are always good idea in summer light.

Dear selfie stick,

I think someday we will figure out how you work and I think we started to like you a bit more but still you are annoying struggle.

Dear room of mine,

All I can say about you is work, work, work, work...

Dear Spain,

Still dreaming about your beautiful beaches wish to be at one of them now when poland is so cold, cloudy and rainy.

Dear Lennon or Potter sunglasses,

Someday people will appreciate you a little bit more. I love this look like crazy.

Dear VIII tattoo,

You are not the first and probably not the last one but for sure you are most special and beautiful one.

Dear 5313574634 picture of Rudi,

I think I'm crazy about this polaroid almost as much as about my boyfriend. For sure this is the best view.

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