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The magic of Paris is not in Eiffle tower or Louvre, magic of Paris is all around this city, in those magical buildings, in stylish restaurants even in metro. Paris is a bit too advertisement but for sure is worth to see. We spend most amazing 5 days together in the middle of Paris, exploring, eating and laughing in every corner we could. It was not what I was expecting from this city but it was nice surprise. Those 5 days made us just the happiest and changed our life. Best memories we could made.

We are getting things done this weekend, working a bit and relaxing before really intensive week, sharing favourite photos and memories in first part of our Paris trip, so let's start from the beginning enjoy!
^^I packed million times in my life and I don't know how but maybe it's my sickness but I always have to forget something but well it's always good excuise to go unexpected shooping haha^^
^^ We pretty much like to travel together, having fun even on airport ^^
 ^^ First picture in Paris!^^
^^ We had hotel close to Moulin rouge it means we have really a lot of pictures of this place especially from our first day when we decided to walk around a bit ^^
^^ This is the place that mostly stuck in my mind, the view was incredible, I think my favourite from a whole trip ^^
^^ Sacré coeur most beautiful, and absolutely favourite of Rudi, and the view around for whole Paris was just breathtaking ^^
^^ We have been walking around for hours, able to see every little part and detail of this stunning place, the things that are mostly visited by tourists are nothing to compare to small streets about whole Paris ^^
^^ Not sure what the taste is like but for sure they are the cutest ^^
^^ Most of our lunchs and dinners were absolutely accidently choosen and that was best thing we could made, we tasted so many good flavours and found really nice, stylish and nice places and of course we taste really good wine in almost all of them haha ^^
^^ We also try out our new instax camera and I think we still need to learn a lot but pictures still my heart they are just unique ^^
^^ We traveled really a lot, most helpful was this tiny map, metro maps and google maps we always found out best places and way to back home haha ^^
^^ I mentioned something about really good food obssesion? ^^
^^ We both don't know from where we have this picture but we sure love it at least me ^^
^^ This is something what makes me really happy, we visited Paris when they started Christmas season, beautiful place on Christmas season full of love ^^

Stay tuned for part II

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