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We all know this every year problem "What to buy for christmas?" I can't be expert in this subject becouse I'm still in panic what to buy for Christmas for my family and I'm still in black whole but for sure I can tell you as a girl what I would like to see under christmas tree this year and what may make happy your loved ones I hope. Images and items I put above and I'm talking about below are just pictures to show you what I mean you don't have to buy the same just feel inspired to take it to shop show shop assistant to find maybe prettier one or cheaper one but if you want you can also buy things mentioned by me under every gift I added price and link to site to make it as easy and enjoyable for you. So here is my top 9 gifts for her ->

1|  Lonely Winona Underwire Bra 

I never been fan of buying a girl underwear for any gift but I'm totally sure that there are girls which would like it and die to have bra which looks like this. This is really elegant, simple and stunning bra with some cute accents to make girl feel much femine and still classy. I totaly adore those simple details and color but for sure when you enter any lingerie shop you can find a lot of similar ones and even more fancy so feel free to be inspired and go shopping!

price: $61.60

2|  Bobbi Brown Party Prep - Skincare Set

From a long time I'm trying to convince myslef to give a try BOBBI BROWN a shot. I saw many tutorials and recommandations as well from my favourite youtibers and friends which just love this brand and I think this year I would like to make a gift for myself including this set. Inside of package you will find Features Bobbi's best-selling Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm (full size), plus a Mini Radiance Boost Mask, Lip Balm and a Mini Extra Hand Cream. Also includes fan-favorite Hydrating Eye Cream in an all-new, travel-ready tube with doe foot applicator. A $126 value, yours for $85. What I really like about this is that it's already made as set so you don't have to think about combinating each products by yourself and they are perfect for each girl, you don't have to worry if she will like colors or smells, this set is perfect for everygirl which would like to take care for her face and look pretty.
price: $85.00
site: click

3|  Valentino Printed silk scarf

Don't be scared nobody says you have to buy this scarf of course each girl would love to at least once put this on neck but for sure you can find something similar to this one. This is silk scarf which makes your girl feel like in style heaven and makes her outfit absolutely beyond. I can understand that you don't understand this but trends are trends and just deal with that and try to find similar one in shop close by. Try to choose something neutral in natural colors this way you will not miss with her style and outfits.



4|  Any-Year Planners : Interior Pages

This is gift for absolutely workholicks or just messy persons like me. People say that schedule is half way of succes so why not to invest a bit in really fancy andpresonal planner like this one above from interior pages. What I love about this is that makes me really enjoying planning stuff just becasue looks really pretty and fancy. You can choose from many different oatterns and colours so feel free to experiment a little and have fun with planning upcoming year.

price: $32
site: CLICK

5|  Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Álbum 

This is something what I'm absolutely each girl will like. I'm huge fan of capturing moments and I adore retro style especially polaroids. I got instax camera as a gift and I tried it once in Paris. What I really like about this is that makes each of photo really indyvidual, special and adds extra climat in every picture you take. It's a bit complicated to figure out how it works with light and stuff but for sure your girl will have a lot of fun with this plus if she likes picture is deffinitely what every photographer should have to create his personal style in pictures. The best thing about this camera is that capture your best memories and you can automaticly put them is place where you can all the time look at.

price: 79,71 €
site: click

6|  Frends Women Special Edition Layla Headphone For Lvr

I saw recomendation of those headphones somewhere at youtube from one of my favourites youtubers and I think it's perfect thing to make it gift. If your girl is music fan, work only with music in her ears or workout a lot with those headphones she can make it in really good style. I like that those are really good quality and looks extra original while you put them. Sound is quite nice and you can play with different colours to make them more personalized and indyvidual.

price: £173.00
site: click

7|  Olivia Burton White Dial Big Dial

What I like about making watches as gifts is that you can't miss with that. There is really small chance that your girl don't like watches and if you live with her or at lest spend much time with her you will know what she thinks about this and second thing is that in shops you will find billion different types of watches so there is no chance you will not find that perfect one. If you would choose watch for myself or for somebody close to me I would go in really simple, elegant and classy types this way you will have sure it will fit to most of her outfits and classy things are always much needed, plus when you choose elegant stuff it looks more like you really care about every detail and it took you a while to make perfect gift for her which will match to her personality. Anyway second thing you have to decide about is color don't even look on stuff which are pattern or have different texture because you can choose something what may not fit to her and she will not like it. Try to find as simple and elegant as possible but what out to not look in grandmas section of watches ;) For me watch will make all of this happen is Olivia Burton's watch whch you can see above, I choose peach color mixed  with gold but you can choose also from black, grey, pink and white. What makes this watch special is high quality, as a watch is not that expenisive and it looks gorgeus on each girl. What I love about him is that it's really simple and delicate and would look amazing with every of my outfits andfor sure your girls too. But don't be scared to look for similar one online or in  shopping centre close by to you, maybe you will find different mixes of colours or textures which will make this watch more individual as your girl. Ps. some of jewelry shops are offering special stuff like putting your own quote on the watch so feel free to put there something from heart and your girl will love it and you even more ;)

price: £79.95 
site: click

8|  Chloé Women's Faye Medium Shoulder Bag

This is my no. one in whole guide. I saw this bag somewhere on youtube and I fall in love instantly. It's really practical, simple and fit to every type of outfit + it's really good quality. The price is not low but for sure this bag is worth the hype and every girl will be happy to see it under christmas tree. I wish to tell you more but this bag have too much advantages to write them all the only thing I can say that you can choose from different shades, shapes and colours of this model of bag what makes it even more practical and easier and for sure will make this gift drama a bit easier to take.

price: $1,950
site: click

9|  Bobbi Brown 4-Pc. Ready Set Pretty Makeup Set

If you readed carefully you already saw this brand over this post. This is just second set I found and for me it will look good under Christmas tree. In this set you can find full size brightening brick in pink, full size lip color in Sandwash pink, full size smokey eye mascara and mini face blender brush and all this is value $130 but you can take it for $65 only at Macy's. What I like about this set is really practical, cute and natural also gives girl change to try most most best stuff from the brand. Shades of each product are really neutral so you don't have to worry it will not work on your girls skin and what is most important it's really good quality.

price: $65.00
site: click

Hope this post help you at least a bit and you enjoyed see you in next one and have fun with Christmas shopping!

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