czwartek, 1 grudnia 2016


Everyday I'm more obsessed about my Tidal account, ok it have as many good as bad sides but for now I didn't enjoy more any other music app, and its not sponsored post or advertisment, it's real honest opinion. Anyway I'm here today to share with you all my favourite mixtape for fall and winter season. It's a bit embarassing to share mostly radio music but lately it'swhat is cheering me up and brings smile on face so everything is alright ha? It's also a bit embarassing to show you those small polaroids where i can't see anything, well you can always put a link below to check what is in my headphones those days. Wish you fun and joyful moments with this mixtape and not only!

Ps. Here is bonus video which I really love, not because of music, I love it because of this guy and his dance moves, pure magic and art in funny way

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