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Christmas are around the corner so last few days are for my favourite christmas traditions this year list is quite long what makes me even more happy and excited! If you are intrested how we rock Christmas over here just scroll down!

Advent calendars
This tradition is created accidently by Rudi's mom, she called him one evening and said that this will be first year that she didn't buy him advent calendar so we want to shop and buy them by ourselves for ourselves and tradition begins. We plan to buy each others calendars every 1st of December every year and I'm crazy excited so far this calendar made me really happy every morning and teached me so much patience and I think annoyed Rudi so much because I'm all the time complaining I can't open more than one window per day haha and believe me I could but he said it's bad luck or something and for now I was pretty good in waking up really early and opening only one window each day. It made me feel like kid again and made this month of christmas much happier.

Making Christmas cards
I think Rudi's mom created most of our traditions haha because they live in Spain we decided to make something special those Christmas for them so we made our first christmas cards from pictures of ourselves as you can see above they look quite funny but this way they can have us on those Christmas in their home Ps. it was really funny and strange to make those pictures haha

Sending Christmas package
As I said we live far away from our families so we have to share gifts to each other through post office. It's not about sharing anything special in packages but for making this small thing to make someone happy that you remember and even when you are away you can still enjoy to make them happy and send something with love and smile. I never did this before and it was crazy and fun to send this post offices i this country are quite strange but for sure I love this tradition so far can't wait when they recive our package and see those photos haha I'm just regreting I will not their laugh

Visiting families
We have this bad luck that our familes are really far away from us so we can't see them as often as we want and we have to choose where we will spend Christmas because it's impossible to be with both of our families.This year we decided to go to my hometown, as it's first year of Rudi in Poland and he didn't met my whole family yet we decided to spend Christmas in Poland and go Spain for winter break. I really love this tradition because we always have so much fun going somewhere just together and talk while travelling and have some extra fun and it gave us new adventures and memories and makes us much closer to families and each others.

12 dates of Christmas
Christmas gives me this extra excuse to take my boy out of home for special Christmas date just the two of us in the city. Now when we live at the boarder of the city it's really time taking and adventurous to get to the city haha so every time we go out is something special what I like about this tradition is that we don't challenge ourselves to go out those 12 times in month we just act like everything what we do just together in this christmas mood and what is new for us is like one extra date so far we made gift looking date, christmas market walk, decorating our plants over the room in ornaments, soaking up this beautiful winter view from our garden sitting in pajamas and talking stupid stuff and much more i just belive everything what we do together as fun is something like extra date and makes me so special because who said that only fancy restaurants are made for 12 of christmas dates.

Sharing gifts
In my family there is tradition to buy presents only for small kids ( for my grandma and parents I'm still kid haha what makes me really happy ) but we decided to makes presents for two of us as well. It was really challenging to find soemthing for this guy but for sure funny. What I like in this tradition is how excited I feel for christmas morning to give it to him and see his reaction I just love this feeling of sharing gifts and make your love one happy and that's what makes me the happiest. I have been missing to make presents which are not toy cars or scooters haha

Christmas market
Since I live in the city I'm going at least once for our Christmas market. I really love this tradition first with my mom now with my future husband. It's crazy how fast time flies and that I never have enough of our beautiful Christmas market in the city. This year I have been able to see Christmas market in the city and in Paris so this year was full ofChristmas magic and good treats haha

Christmas movie
We still don't know what we will watch this year it's challenging to find movie in languages we will both understand clearly haha but for sure it will be something in Christmas mood and isn't it obviously I love everything we do together so this tradition I like especially because it means we can sit in our pajamas with breakfast in our bed and watch something so everything what we love most haha

Merry Christmas!

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