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I should start to be a little bit worried about unproductive side of our relationship but after today I think we are doing quite a good job while doing nothing still making shell like we are not that lazy as we really are. Without any 'to the' list we made our 'made' list makesme what really suprised and smug about us. It's not forget how to rock Those lazy sundays I made this quick note of what we did today.

1. After a wake up call (Thanks dad) in decided to go out of bed at 12 o'clock and made breakfast

2. Something around 2 o'clock in the wrap up some gifts for christmas (Next year we will pay somebody to pack presents it was fun for us but the end result is just a bit satisfying for our abilities)

3. Because we are really confused with being really international couple and even watching TV is hard for us in finally find the way for us and register on netflix, now our home will sound even more international with all german / spanish / polish audios

4. We not only made dinner, in even make breakfast to take out on morning (breakfast made forms of leftovers after dinner)

5. We moved asses and made intense workout 15 minutes late afternoon

6. The stuck in bed with a bar of chocolate, wine / beer and even more netflix

I kind of can use this Those a bit more productive sundays :) Monday here we come!

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