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Not so while ago, there was moment when I almost beg and pry for guide like this. In a year when I had to make so many tough decisions about own and someones happiness and I needed to deal not only with my problems I was hard to keep up with smile and positive vibe. It's was most rough time I remember and believe I have baggage. Anyway I needed guide to help and push myself and I knew that without positive vibrations and good rythm I wouldn't be able to even open my eyes on morning. As always in the moments like this in your life you need support system mine was my fiance which came to my life to rescue me everyday I think mostly from myself  like a superman or other guy in tight pants, back to the conclusion it was really helpful to have person to hold on to and just talk my probelem was that this person was miles away on spanish island so there was nothing more to do then not beg anymore for support and help, and cry to pillow that there is nobody to hug you, it was moment for me when I realize that nobody will kick my ass out of bed and nobody will live for me so I decided to create my own support system and I had  goal my goal was to be happy.

Don't get me wrong I didn't had depression and I'm not right person to take you out of it but I can try to share and maybe help some of you to not only by happy but to share happiness just around you to get 100% of everyday  and fall a sleep with " It was a good day" and smile on your lips. To make you more sure what will gonna happen,I will not say anything out of this world, I will not turn world in other  direction and I will not kick professional psychologist out of their work but I will share my own thoughts, advices and tips how to just be happy, joyful and wake up everyday with smile. So if you are still here reading this way to long introducing paragraph, scroll down to join to joyful world ( Sounds a bit rude ha? haha )

1. Believe me I was complainer, the biggest one you probably can find, you know I'm polish so for a longest while I was excusing myself that polish people are probably the only one nation on this planet create to complain and get angry about ( believe me ) everything. I can truly and honestly say that I'm still complainer, when I drive I hate all of those unsecured and lost people on the road and I like to scream at them even when I know it's pointless they will not hear me but I will get more angry and frustrated, I'm real complainer when I work and something is not like I wanted, I hate insects in general and smoking on bus stations so my frustration and anger mostly I was redirecting on my close ones. When I realised how stupid it is my life became a bit more calm. My family is quite impulsive so most of my reactions are just things that I learned in my home and it's really hard for me to let the go for good but being frustrated,angry and nervous is the biggest enemy of positive energy and hurts not only you but also your love ones and believe me it's not fair and nice. 

You need to understand like me that nobody is responsable for your anger only you, nobody can force you to be complainer and angry person, there is a lot of things that are not your fault and you can complain about them and be angry about them but it will not change anything so do something good for yourself and just walk around the problem and forget about him it will make you feel better. This knowledge gives me free and makes me more positive believe you will feel like somebody take something out from your shoulders, because you know what? Nobody needs your complaining bullshit and anger? cool ha? You are fired from complainer chair.

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