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This video is something crazy for me because I really don't like to be on this side of camera but also it's milestone for me as person and blogger. I never did something similar before but I really wanted to try this type of video so i made it about thing that I really like and know well. Every morning i don't have much time because i prefer to spend it on sleeping than taking care of beauty but still I feel strange to go out of home without any make up so I find a way out and everything is in this 2 min video below when you can find products that I love and use everyday and my simple morning make up routine.

Ps. Normaly I have smile on my face all the time and I'm quite funny but I was so nervous when I recorded this that I totally forgot what smile is haha I'm sorry that I look like angry pitbull putting make up on next time will be better

I hope that you will find it funny and helpful and you will be kind and gentle for me :)


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