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I feel like broken record still telling you how amazing and calm December was and how much I appreciate it all but December may get better and better in my eyes I realise this while I as making pictures to this post. As I mention in one of my Christmas posts ( CLICK ) one of our traditions is to give each others advent calendars and for sure this boy of mine don't disapoint me and my skin. This year I got pleasure to try 22 ( I will explain you why not 24 below ) amazing beauty and spa treatments which made me feel like princess during whole December. It may be one of the biggest beauty favourites on this blog so I hope you all are ready because here we GO!

1| Beginning of the month was bomb we started from this amazing face cream which stole my heart, I don't smell any perfumes inside and it's really delicate for skin. the cream is as it's written on the package vitalizing and moisturize for 24 I'm not really sure about this moisturizing thing for 24 but for sure it makes your skin really glowy and natural after each use. For me it works best before putting make up o or after taking make up off especially after deep cleansing, the feeling is really cool like smooth, fresh and moisturized and it gives extra relax for skin before bed time the only thing I'm sad about is that package is really small and soon I would have to go and buy new one.

2| This is really nice thing to have around bathroom, there are days when I just don't know what to do with myself or I just need a bit time for myself and this bath cube is much appreciated then. I got two different ones, they don't make much difference for your skin but are absolutely amazing while long baths especially with relaxing music and book, I fall in love in really gentle smell they are making in the water and this giggly feeling the are making on your skin. On my instagram list things I may like I saw many times bloggers trying out a lot of different bath cubes and results have been good and bad if you don't want to risk just try with those little buddies they are small, cheap and for sure will stole your heart like mine.

3| I've been dying to try out this brand for so long and God save me they didn't dissapoint me. At the beginning when I tried to apply mask I was sceptical color is not really nice and it smells like typical medical mask but believe me it worth the hype. In instructions they said 1-2 times per week, apply let it dry and clean face if I will be really systematical person probably it will works better but even now form time to time when I apply it I see and feel the difference my skin is natural, shiny and smooth but best thing is it takes out all this sebum oily thing out of your skin same time not making your skin dry what is the coolest thing ever if you don't want to change one problem in another. 

4| This little buddy is worth every cent I have in my wallet even Rudi tried and liked this, because of this hand cream I had to buy him his own that he don't have reason to still mine haha but for real we really love everything about this hand cream I carry it with me everywhere around and i'm using like crazy. I really don't like smelly hands and this cream is really perfect for me because it makes really nice and delicate smell like lemon but it's not overwhelming for my nose also what I hate even more than overwhelming smell are sticky hands ugh I hate it and this product save my life because its really fast drying and don't live this sticky oil on your hands and you don't need to apply much to feel the difference. If I could it will be the only spa treatment I would have in my collection.

5| I'm not the expert of those type of stuff and I never felt needed to use it but now when I get it in my calendar I gave it a shot and well I'm not quite sure what to think about this. This is the product which is existing to make your legs looks like on Victorias secret fashion show but well I don't know like all of you but I don't have much time during day to apply special cream for my legs to make them sparkle or whatever I prefer just to use a bit of sun tan and natural glow and shaving what always works for me till now and i think I will stay with this routine I don't know maybe I'm old fashioned but who cares for sure I will give it another chance and use it again during summer and we will see results for now I'm a bit of afraid like the venus said it may leave stains on your clothes so I think I just need to be a bit patient no risk this time.

6| It took us a while to figure out what it is but after time I realize that this is liquid but cube if you understand me. It's really professional treatment for your skin this one capsule you can use only once but it's enough because the effect of hydrated and revitalized skin last for a really long time.

7| As the hydrating mask this thing is also bomb! It's mostly cream for sensitive skin and I never thought have skin like this but well things change when you have something like this little guy. I really love to use it because during winter my skin needs extra power and help to regenerate after cold, what I like about this cream is that I can you it and it actually work as make up base and give this extra shine and natural glow to my skin. Another huge plus is that it works also on lips, regenerate them and moisturize. Definitely you should get friends with this cream for a while.

8| It's really hard for me to speak about this product because I really don't have mind about this. As the packaging says it all face and body cleansing gel and I tried this with my face and I have to say it cleans it well, after using this I tried with my normal make up remover and pad was absolutely clear, don't know how it work with eyes because I was a bit scared to use it in eyes area but in total this product didn't make any difference in my life or my skin, removes make up nicely but didn't stole my heart.

9| This gift save my life, believe me or not but I'm really happy that they put this man's treatment in my calendar because guess what was my this years gift for Rudi? haha of course I didn't only give him this small one I bought him whole collection of this because we liked this so much. We are really sensitive to smells so this one was really much welcome because oh the smell is really nice and I'm really gald I found something what really takes care of my man and we both liked it Thanks God for Douglas the girl hero! haha

10| Well this thing is not that strong like Douglas naturals hydration masks or creams but I really enjoyed to use this. First because I really fall in love in the brand second because of gorgeous smell and third because after my daily spa routine it was really nice to have this one skin but if I have to be honest it will not took place on my shelve for longer while.

11| I've been waiting for this thing probably more than for Christmas. I really was dying to finally try it out and this is bomb for me. This balm smells delicious like blueberries and makes your lips absolutely smooth and gently shiny what is really nice about this is the lasting which if you don't have probalem with eating lipbalms and in general lipstics like me it will stick on your lips for a really long while and the packaging is just adorable and cool I always have it in my bag.

12| Yout think I don't have much to say about normal black eye pencil you are wrong because this one is pretty special. What I love about this one is that the lenght of the pencil is perfect to work it this and belive me this is really important and second what I really hate in regular black pencils is that they are always making mess in the corners of my eyes I really hate this to come back home after long day and see black spots under my eyes and it's not from tiredness so this one is really special because I really used this few times and I'm really suprised because it really last on your eyes and I know I don't have to worry about black spots in the corners Ps. I also tried this on brows and it works with them too and it's not making them look cheap and fake.

13| The only thing I can say about this mask is: strong s@#t people. It really made huge difference on my face in touch and look, I'm so impressed in result it's really surprising normally masks are not that fast, not that visible and strong this one is different. My skin is really strange in some spots oily in some spots dry like crazy normally I can't use most of hydrating products because they are too much for my skin and makes me feel to greasy and dirty this one is different my skin felt really alive after this treatment and I didn't put much the only small amount of this cream really hydrated my face and now I feel like I have totally new face the only bad side of this is that on the package there is no instruction how to use it and how many times per week what really makes me confused and annoyed.

14| Till the day I got it I was in big to have it. When I saw my calendar I saw the name of brand and I already knew it will be something nice. This small roller makes a huge difference. Smell is really delicate and makes good combination with my everyday perfumes and it's really easy to use and to carry in bag everyday just in need. I like to know that in case I would like to be a bit more fancy I always have this one for help and sometimes I just like to take a big breath with this perfume it's making me relaxed #weirdo.

15| I may found really good friend and soldier in dark circles under eyes war. Well aplication and whole treatment is messy and sticky but results are really worth to think about this product. You have to keep it on face for 15-20 min I keep I think for 36 because I watched series in this moment but I think this way it makes even more good to my eyes, for sure I feel more relaxed, my eyes and skin around look glowy and fresh like I slept for two days and put nice cream under my eyes I fell really natural and calm and I really like the result I see in mirror I only wish it will not be so messy and strange in touch and maybe it would be nice if it not fall from face all the time.

16| I made my own way of using this product and I'm quite satisfied with the results, you can use it as normal contour lip pencil but I like to treat it like my another lipstick. What I usually do is making contour on my lips not really carefull because later i'm applying a bit of lip balm, lip gloss or whatever I have what is clear and blend it together. this way I create a really nice shade of lipstick that I may never find in shops and I make my lips look really fancy and it really simple what I love the most.

17| Well I can't say that I see much difference after using this few times now but for sure it's really enjoyable experience and really nice for skin. Peeling s not really soft and is not killing you with amazing smell but I also can't say that this product is bad.

18| Day made only two shots with stuff for guys as the first one was bomb and we both loved it this was not that nice. Those perfumes are really strong and for just it's just stinky but it's all about style and preferences because we are really sensitive for smells this is not our favourite but who knows maybe it will be useful one day for now it's hidden somewhere deep in all  our cosmetic stuff in bathroom.
19| This would be the only product I will not say a word about why? because I didn't used it yet, maybe it's because the shampoo from this line dissapoint me so much or maybe because i really don't like hair masks because they are annoying and never works good with my hair. I will give it a shot but we will see if this will save this line and brand. I hope i will not be dissapointed again because when I look at this packaging I have really high expectations.

20| I see this product as absolute must have in every girls make up bag not because of brand because this is something what like it says can be useful in six different variations can help you with your nails and tights and make them both look nice this can really save your life sometimes but as product if its Anny or not is just another clear nail polish the big plus for this one that it's really fast drying and not going of from nails easly.

21| I'm really sad to say this but this thing is the biggest dissapointment in whole calendar and remember I even woke up excited to open calendar and see then treatment for guys. I tried this shampoo once and probably I will never do that again, even in a lot of good sides like gorgeous smell nothing can hide that this is not working in way it should as shampoo I needed to use almost whole bottle and my hair are quite thin and not that long and even then it didn't work and I don't say that it was not even making bubbles I just didn't feel even a bit fresher with my hair and I think that's the point in washing your hair and after this I felt like my hair are heavier and like oily what more to say there is no ideal stuff in the world.

22| This product makes me feel like I'm really getting older haha and maybe it's truth because after using this for a while now I feel much better. The skin under my eyes was always sensitive, black and visible what annoyed me a lot but after week or two of using this I feel like skin under my eyes gets smoothier and lighter well aging here I come and be aware!

23| This is the final! I was really excited to open my last window and even more when I saw this huge amount of perfumes inside. I never heard about this brand before, and I will probably never be a really fan of it but this gift was really nice. Smell is really intensive and have something what I can even describe for sure it's good to have it in my collection maybe one day I will grow to this smell.

I want to remind you that this post is not in partnership with any brand mentioned or not and this post is not advertised, all the recommendations, suggestions and opinions are my own opinion. All what I said about products is my personal experience and thoughts don't have to work same at any other person. I think and belive all of those products are worth to try.

Have a really good night friends, see you in next post and hope next year with another advent calendar review.


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