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I read in my life really a lot of books maybe I'm not neard or really this type which spend most of the time with nose inside of book but I really enjoy from time to time to just find really nice book and read something interesting not like most of the time in school haha Anyway I decided to make this type of post and I hope series of posts about books on my bookshelf that I really enjoyed or not, just because of this one book you see above.

From a really long time I never found book which I loved so much and enjoyed so much like this one. Like really in just few days I almost finished book and believe me this is really a lot of paper but it's so easy to read because of the way they translate it or just the author made it I don't know but the story is not made fake and long, dialogues are quick, precise and always made more questions and mistery. This is really long book but you will absolutely not feel that and every question they make, every detail they found, every person they got makes you even more involved and curious what's gonna happen but maybe I should start from the beginning...

I started this book in early October before Rudi came I missed him, time didn't want to pass and I was bored so lady in library give me this book and said that she think's I really would like it and it will take some of my time and she didn't miss. "The killing" or how you prefer to call it is book based on tv series on same title showing history of dead teenager, her parents, politic and police trying figure out what happend to the girl. There is probably a lot of books on same subject but I never found as good as this one and it's hard to say but it get me even more than Stieg Larsson and you probably know it's not that easy.

The novel returns to the form of the classical detective story in which readers follow the trail along with detectives uncovering the facts related to the investigation. The murder of a young girl is shocking for everybody and for me it's really easy to guess not who is the killer but that this girl was not that perfect and going on with book you will get that too Who and why would want to murder a charming, innocent and great Sarah? More and more topics, more and more suspicious,Whenever it seems that you are closer to solving the mystery they return to the beginning and again you know nothing and you are not sure of anything they already had. Lies and suppressed emotions made whole climate of the book based on complicated investigation. With time, everything is related in any way with the murder resembles a huge, complicated conspiracy. Nothing happens accidentally. Everyone is hiding a secret. We are not sure of anything until the end, to the last page. Be sure that surprises are on every page of this book.

I will finish advantages of this book at this point because for you is probably time to the your butt to read and mine to sleep :) See you in the next one!

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