2:15 PM

6.30 a.m Ring of alarm
7.20 a.m sitting on bathroom floor watching sunrise
7.28 a.m going for bus in melting snow
7.30 a.m Realized I forget to use deodorant and perfumes
7.45 a.m waiting for bus on another bus station
7.53 a.m waiting - bus decided to not show up
8.08 a.m waiting - bus number two neither
8.20 a.m waiting/frezzing - third bus didn't came
8.28 a.m taking random bus
8.37 a. waiting on tram station
8.41 a.m uff! tram came on time!
8.55 a.m already late for school, run to drugstore for deodorant
9.07 a.m putting deodorant on the street while run to school
9.15 a.m arrived to school bum! not one but two exams from history
9.35 a.m finished exams
9.40 - 11.25 a.m sleep on bench while two classes
11.30 - 13.05 a.m/p.m two hour and  a half of math plus exam
13.55 p.m last lesson finished with exam
14.05 p.m run for bus
14.38 p.m arrived in good district
14.40 p.m rudi is still not here
14.41 p.m sitting on bench another 10 minutes
14.51 p.m Rudi arrived
15.26 p.m finished grocery shopping
15.27 p.m frezzing butt on bus station
15.40 p.m arrived in home zone
15.42 p.m still walking home, tree slaped me in the face
15.50 p.m arrived home, finally
16.00 p.m started to make food
16.40 p.m put new episode of House of cards on netfilx while eating
16.47 p.m dad called to open garage
17.10 p.m eating cold chicken
19.05 p.m making this post

So Dear Friday 13th...
... Fuck you ...

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