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December came over really quickly but let by even faster, a shame of him because we have a lot of fun over here. What I really appreciate in last month is that it was the calmest month of all in past year and this difference was much welcome. I'm still a bit in shock that we already started another year that's why here is a massive thank you for beautiful December 2016 then best end of past year see by yourself what this month brings to us:

1| In the middle of December we decided to move to bigger house, it definitely changed our habits and comfort of our life but for sure it is all worth it because of those views. Winter didn't came to the city for good yet but this frost outside of our window is just stunning and one of not many reasons to stand up from bed :)

2| What I really appreciate in last month was a lot of free time it felt like gold to finally have time to just breathe, work a bit in my new favourite spot and just enjoy our brand new place, beautiful views and each others without stress. My work space is quite done and well I'm a bit proud of ths area of the room maybe thats why I have whole camera roll full of pictures of this place, more about designing room and before's and after's soon stay tuned

3|  For sure Christmas took a huge part of December  but this year was extra special because it was first Christmas with Rudi, I took him to my hometown, he met my whole family and we spend in total 4 hours in a car what belive me or not was beyond everything. Christmas have been much happier and brighter with this one by my side.

4| This year was special and emotional all thanks to this handsome man of mine and this little diamond thing on my finger. We went to hometown to tell the news to my family and it's crazy but I was most scared to tell my grandma than my mom about this haha but this guy is not dissapointing for sure he save this year from drama, made me the happiest person on earth and made this family complited, each day with him is keep getting better and better and better

Happy to find out what January have for us this year. See you soon!

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