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I can't explain why but every year I wait for 10th January even more than for beginning of the year. There is nothing special in 10th January but this is still important date for me not because of any reason just because it is. Can't really explain in words but somehow I really want to remember first 10 of each year and it became something like tradition for me. Maybe 10 is something like a mile stone for my year or after 10 I kind off feel like we have new year ... there is a lot of things I could put here as reason but it think there is non each of us have own weird habits and maybe this is mine.

Anyway coming back to subject On 10th day of day year...

1| I had to put date in document for the first time in this year and as usual every year while I had to put year I made quick break to realise that now we have 2017

2| Karma back to me... I run out of one of my lessons in school to be quicker in home so I spend something like 2 hours traveling home from school by one train and three different buses and walking so I back home on time I normaly should be another lesson of karma

3| Few days back Rudi got idea to put bookshelf in our room so after hours of thinking where to put another furniture and few days on taking asses away from sofa to go Ikea we made it yesterday. As usual after going wrong direction, loosing hour on finding way, few fights in car and really quick run in Ikea we bought bookshelf, cuddly cactus and few simple decoration details and we are OK

4| First time in this year and first time in few months I found book and time to read it another thing less on "TO DO LIST"

5| We really started to hate Ikea. Putting our shelf from pieces to furnitures took few hours a lot of thinking, few mistakes,  another fights, stress and frustration but we have really small, a bit crooked piece of art in our room now

6| Only one episode of "House of cards" season 3 left and makes me really excited

7| Counting days to another travel adventure and what makes me even more happier if it's possible counting days to finally graduate High School

8| To my small list of victory in those last 10 days I can add few of my 2017 goals which are more real now than when I made them:

+ I finally made my card on gym! Time to move this ass a bit and kill few pounds
+ I don't smoke for 2 days now
+ Somehow I eat breakfast every morning and belive me or not but this is big step in my life
+ I think we made small tradition with Rudi to make or just eat lunch everyday together and I have to say I really enjoy this time well food and love was always good combination

Ps. There is another good thing in 10th day of New year I started to work on another nice project and it can took me thins whole year but I can't wait for results

Those have been really fast but pretty nice 10 days in this new year can wait what 2017 have for me.


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