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I have been waiting to publish this post for a while now and I'm super excited to show you how we made this small place work for both of us and how we made it absolutely ours and comfortable to live in. 

Starting from beginning I would like to share a story standing behind this space and making this small room ours ( also I want to say that what may work for us not exactly can work for you this is just our story and what we learned while living here ) Rudi and I met a bit more than 6 months ago in Spain but there was a point when we had to separate each others because I had to back to school in Poland he still ha to work there ( whole story somewhere while Q&A video we made last week click here ) Anyway after two months we decided to start living here in Poland together and here on save my parents came they really helped us to find a bit of space just for us in this big city. 
It was huge help from them because this whole situation when Rudi had to change not only city but country was stressfull enough and thinking about renting flat and money was to difficult for both of us to handle while we still had been separated. Back to point my parents and us in last minute decided that we will live in our family home on the boarders of the city after we finaly finish second floor and that's what we did! I started to help my dad with this whole building, creating and renovating process and we focused together on making this space soon as possible, ready to live in. 

We moved in, at the beginning of December 2016 and we are totally in love in this place. The pictures you are seeing here or there shows you how much work and love we put in this place and I absolutely adore every detail we have in here. Our room looks a bit different now because each day brought something new in and we are still in the decorating process but we are almost on the finish line ( crossing fingers, we are still in need to find perfect lamps to finally have normal light we are on light stage since we moved in haha )  but this is a story for another room tour that I plan to post in february I think so stay tuned and for know I can only show you beginning of the process, what we learned on the way and all the tips that been useful so far just scroll... scroll... scroll...below

This is almost absolute begining of our room. Here you see naked walls of room space ( and few details that I couldn't help myself and had to buy even before I know how my room will look like and what colours and style I will have haha but well those fit in even before we started to work on this place like they belong here since beginning ) To our space we count one medium size bedroom with small wardrobe plus bathroom for ourselves It's really comfortable space, with absolutely stunning view and everything what we need to call this place home for now.

The big change and the biggest deal in this room was painting one wall black what makes this space look more warm and different. We plan in the future to put on this some paintings but for now this wall looks beautiful itself and I love this even when it makes a lot of problems and trouble on the way in making.
In the process of painting wall we reveal that we sued wrong gypsum or something went wrong in creating wall of it was huge deal to fix the wall almost five times after already putting paint on but the result effect is absolutely worth the hype.
What  absolutely works for us is a lot of place to storage our stuff ( Ok my stuff because Rudi don't have that much haha ) So we decided to buy this white comoda and put some extra shelves in our wardrobe to storage and oraginse all of our stuff inside and making them a little bit more invisible.
And this desk is absolutely everything what girl needs for perfect vanity/work/fun space.

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