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I think if you readed title you already know how my New Years eve looked like but I'm ok thank you, I woke up with only small post hangover headache, lazy as in 2016 so still laying in bed watching Rudi while play in Fifa17 and making this small recap what happend yesterday..

1. We went for unexpected grocery shopping, after visiting two thousands shops, standing in the kilometers lines ( people treating new years eve like there will be no food for next month so they are killing each others for last yoghurt ) speaking about yoghurt, we wanted to buy one but because I'm really gooffy our yoghurt ended all over the floor like you probably expected, after few minutes of being ashamed, another few really loooooong minutes  in cash point, I said this to the lady out there because you know bad karma on new year is not good, but she was really kind made some jokes and live me alone with all the best wishes for new year, I wish to see the video from security cameras it had to be hilarious haha

2. Believe me or not but with my mom we finished first bottle of wine before 5 in total we made something like three bottles of wine and one shampagne hmmm... I think we still are on bridget jones stage

3. We made really 'chill' and nice family New Years eve with my parents and Rudi on the sofa in accompany of really good food and laugh. I can't remember how many polish songs we sang with my mama and how many times we have been dancing like crazy on living room floor. I really enjoyed just my love ones in one room together, I didn't felt need to record all of this or make some pictures I just had fun that's why we ended up with only two pictures from new year day and insane memories in my head also from my neighbour competition who will have the best fireworks show what we enjoyed standing in the window in really intense 15 minutes. Thank you my neighbours!

4. I also woke up yeatserday with a lot of inspiration and need to make really quick video to farewell our 2016, what makes me really proud of myself at the end of this past year if you want to see result click below or go to my youtube channel ( CLICK )
I'm really thankful for 2016 because It was the year when I  learned a lot, I went through a lot it was year of adventures, a bit of travel, I finished year as fiancee with cool german/spanish boy by my side, finishing it all with lots of fun, love and laughter. Thank you 2016! but best is yet to come!


Kinga + Rudi

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