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If you look now on my computer screen you will see billion of folders waiting to finally be cleaned and segregated, when you look on my phone you will see thousand of pictures I probably don't even like and because weeks are flying so fast and I can't find anything on any of my devices and due to few changes over here and youtube I decided that best summary for last week will be just quick list of things that makes me happy. 

Life by last few weeks and days was really emotional roller coaster and sometimes I just need to seat, breath and say STOP to my brain and remember all the things that makes me so happy and here is just the few of them:

+ Every time I see palm tree or cactus on the street
+ Hours in the car driving around the island
+ My new header on youtube that I made yesterday
+ All the creative plans I have in mind to do while I back home
+ All sweet messages and calls from my parents
+ Feeling breeze of sea on face and sand under feet
+ Going through the polaroid pictures I made
+ Coffee every morning with sun on face
+ Those rainy days on the island
+ Adventures with Rudi
+ Going through places we both don't know
+ Sitting on the stones and look on waves
+ Beautiful colors of nature
+ Finding new pokemons
+ Being called sister for the first time in my life
+ Record every happy and sweet moment
+ Being surrounded by pretty things and laughter
+ Clean space and my productiveness in cleaning closet and computer
+ Looking down to see my converse

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