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As I love to date with my fiance there is nothing I love more then those dates on the beach especially in really lazy and basic outfit. Yesterday we have been quite productive so at the end of the day we decided to hang out just the two of us and he knows me quite well so he took me to really beautiful beach hidden in the rocks with absolutly stunning views and sounds of water coming into small caves. Oh I really  appreciate moments like this they are so rare while we are in Poland and they make me so happy.

Well if you follow us on blog, instagram, youtube or other social media you know that those dates and this outfit is kind off on repeat to death lately haha We really enjoy this time on Mallorca and it's breaking my heart while I think I may back home in few short days, but let's focus on main point of this post.

I really don't know how to be typical fashion blogger and I don't want to make everyday posts like ootd kind off posts but for sure I love to share with you what I feel good in and comfortable and this outfit is like this. There is nothing fancy or really complicated but if you are interested in details of the pieces I will put the links down below.


Mallorca, Cala Brafi


+ Shana white T-shirt ( click )
+ H&M Male sweatshirt ( click )
+ Mango jeans -> similar ( click )
+ Converse All star shoes ( click )

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