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I don't think I ever sat down with Rudi and discussed if we should work together or not but somehow we did and since then I think this site never been better. I never had doubt to tell him what I'm doing wht is not so obvious in my case because even my parents don't know, and I'm so glad I did because it improved everything on this blog and in  my life.

Deciding to include Rudi into this blog or bussiness or however to call it was the best decision and the easiest one I took in here. He is my camera holder and best support I ever had, mostly my inspiration and judge and the best in all is that he made it so much funnier. Working with him made so much difference in here, since we work together I'm more constant with publishing, we started and grow our youtube channel, we change layout ( like billion times haha ) and he brought with himself much more positive energy, style and joy.

However working together is not that perfect, we have our ups and downs, we fight, we have different style, and sometimes we just can't stand each others there are moments when we just don't feel fun while making something just because we have to make something but I think all of this makes us a bit stronger in our life and business because somehow one of us is keeping it up and works for solution and eventually we have something what we both love and enjoy.

Here are I think most basic and frequently asked questions about couple business and I hope our answers will give you look  how it is to have pertner in your business and how it is while you work with your life partner.

why you work together?

As I said we never had point when we sat and said 'ok from now on we have business together' it just happend by itself. I told Rudi what I'm doing and he not only accept this but also keeps pushing me, helping me and inspiring me everyday I think that's why we work together because we see that we both can make it much better then separately and it's a lot of fun to shoot together and just work on projects. We share our life together and we both invest in this it's same with our business we just keep going with this together.

you have any habits or routines? 

If it comes to work together I think that our routines are just inside of our everyday life, we don't have any schedules or time when we work together sometimes on weekends we sit together in bed working on our projects and we are there if one of us needs advice or help.

how you keep balance between work and life?

While we go for a date we are life partners not business partners there is no work in our conversations, I think we just know when to work and where just focus on ourselves. We somehow manage to just separate time for us and time for work and not mix them together. As we blog about our life we just put some borders what our content is like, what we share and where is our privacy limit. 

 any tips for starting bussines together? 

Don't consider this to much as business more like hobby and fun. We learned that as much fun we put in our work as better result we have. We just hate when we have to make project about something we hate or it makes us shy or it's just not comfortable because it take whole fun and quality of our videos or posts so we avoid everything what makes us angry or uncomfortable while making. Also be prepared for fights and irritation! sometimes you have to ask your partner to record you or make pictures and results will not be what you expect becasue you both have different style and experience that doesn't mean you can't work together just learn how to say clearly what you want, check each picture and video before you go home with footage and share your experiences and advices then your business and partner will grow.

what are pluses and foults of having bussines together?

+ We spend more time together
+ We have a lot of fun while working together
+ We share our success together
+ We know each others well so we know what we want from our business
+ We always keep our back
+ We mix our partner and business life

- We are living in work
- We are irritated with each others sometimes
- It's hard to not expect in work same things as you expect in life from your partner
- Differences between us in same work can be hard to manage sometimes
- We sacrifice our private time to work


There is no correct answer for this question. I have no idea when we will be in few weeks and I have no idea when we will be with our bussiness in few months. We are hoping for success and for even more fun we hope that future will bring us to our goals but what I for sure is that we will still be partners in crime and work on what ever but still together.

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