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I was never really that type of girl which dreamt about her dream wedding from a young age or is really freak about weddings or dresses, but as far as I decided to get married I thought about it quite a lot, and I began collecting pictures, ideas and in general just colleting everything what I would like to have on my wedding day, and I think nothing storage so much place in my mind like my future wedding dress.

The problem is, that internet is full of beautiful dresses, different shapes, colors and details and you can really get crazy with them. I think I became really obsessed when I saw those dresses:

| Your hub for wedding ideas: ivory spaghetti straps tulle sweetheart neck long wedding dress: sheath/ column shape straight, sabrina, spaghetti neckline chapel train:

I started to look for them and I just saw, there is so many things you have to be careful about like quality and price, most of the dresses I loved, I just can't afford and believe me I just don't want to spend like thousands for my dress when I can spend it for nice honeymoon trip.

And then solution came!
There is site called Alessmode offering beautiful wedding dresses, with good quality and affordable price. I just fall in love with each piece I found on this site starting from wedding dresses, to bridesmait dresses and even prom dresses ( and believe me it broke my heart that I didn't know this site before my prom ) Below you can see that I found almost same dresses like from my inspiration board and I just want to buy them all especially that now Alessmode is giving 50% off for all wedding collection! ( and not only wedding collection! )

 Gorgeous Lace Bodice Ball Gown Cascaded Long Pearl Pink Organza Wedding Dress  Beach Lace Bodice Tulle Long Wedding Dress with Ribbon

Gorgeous Lace Bodice Ball Gown Cascaded Long Pearl Pink Organza Wedding Dress ( click )
| Beach Lace Bodice Tulle Long Wedding Dress with Ribbon ( click )
Beautiful Long Sleeved A-line Chiffon Outdoor Wedding Dress ( click )

Ps. If you are not getting married but you still looking for a perfect dress for any occasion for sure Alessmode also can help you, click the to go main page where you can find Wedding party dresses, Formal dresses, Homecoming Dresses and much more.

I hope this post helped and inspired you to find your perfect dress for any occasion. Feel free to comment below what type of dresses you love, what is your inspiration and how is your wedding journey going.

See you in the next post! x


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