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Believe me or not but he is not trying to get my neck and just kill me, we just tried to show our dancing skills to my mom before prom and here you have results haha We may not be the best dancers on this planet, and those shoes ( no matter how gorgeous they are ) are not made for walking but we definitely know how to have fun. We had our ups and downs  also on the prom but I have to put those memories to my top memories yet really I felt so special walking around, feeling and be treated like a princess with this handsome making me laugh all the time, surrounded by friends, food, alcohol ( shh! ) and crazy dance moves. We grab as much as we could from those few hours party, well it was first and laste time we had to make it right. Here and below just a few of my fav pictures.

^^ I'm so sorry guys but I really had to put this picture here haha It gets me everytime I see it ( my absolutely new fav ) and i found it really hilarious and so honest with you guys, this is us in real life haha ^^
^^ I found this picture in our city's newspaper they captured not only our first and last prom but also Rudi's dancing for the first time our traditional polish dance without any rehersals and I have to say it made me really happy and proud of this handsome ^^

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