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Going through all photos and memories after this absolutely incredible day with my love on the day that people use to call a love day brought me to point where tears are shown and power of love in my heart is just painful. This man brings all pure joy, good and happiness in my life and deciding to marry him someday was the smartest decision I ever made in my life.

He have his flaws but he covers them so perfectly somewhere under his good heart patience and humor that melts me everyday. He is pure gentleman in everyday life, he is most patience even making jokes from my messy habits while I know how much he hates this mess, he spread all the love and joy he have every morning while jumping on me screaming good morning to my ear and kissing my whole face acting like a kid which I think he is still in mind.

He is unstoppable with his life ideas and travel heart, there is no 'no' in his dictionary he only believes 'you only have to breathe', and believe me he have the cutest smile that melts every girl's heart. He is full of passion and knowledge, you can see all his feelings in his eyes and when he loves he really does and you can feel it in his every move. With him everyday is special like valentine's that's why we don't celebrate valentine's so much, he is so different to every person I met in my life, he not olny let's me to have passion he encourage me to do more, to create he is pushing me forward and just let's me believe everything is possible.

He made me feel like I'm alive, he made every of my day a real adventure, he show me world and what love really means, he is my love.

I will not hide how emotional I'm but those type of posts are really rare for me but God it's so hard to keep it all inside while the happiness in over the moon. So don't mind lot's of love in this post and just spread the love like confetti what we are tryng to do everyday.

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