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I love social media, they let me share what I love, they gives me inspiration to my work, they keep me up with my friends from abroad and are cool way to just follow really genious and incredible people but as I think everything in life social media have also this bad side and I'm not feeling expert in this subject but for sure I can share some experiences and say loud and proud why sometimes I'm against social media.

I never thought about this in the way I will show you now till the people ReputationManagement.com gave me this opportunity and let me express my thoughts. First as a blogger, videographer and future graphic designer I tie my future with internet and social media society as my work and hobby and this knowledge brings me to point when I have to always look two steps at the front if I don't make a mistake in what I publish or if the messed up people out there are not hiding in the corner with some hate or even more awful stuff.

I read an article ( click ) which opened my eyes and just makes me sick about all  this social media and people out there. In work like mine what people thinks about you is really important they are your audience and part of your work, also you have huge responsability for what you are giving to them but did they feel responsability for what they are giving to you? One bad word can destroy your career, one bad comment can make you feel depressed or even brings you to thoughts about suicide. I can not count how many times I cried because of social media because I saw an amazing work of some designers, bloggers or youtubers and I felt so ashamed that my work is bullshit and I'm not good enough for this community and to call myself creator and artist. 

In all of this I have to say that it cost me a lot everyday to woke up and work against everything I'm afraid in social media and internet. I had to learn so many things, most important is to have really smart mind and hard ass to take all of those kicks from people you don't even know and be prepared for everything. I really try to protect my family and myself in social media and I really push myself to stay inspired and keep up with my work even when I feel not good enough. I always have somewhere at the bottom of my mind that everybody is different and have different lifestyle and that everything I see in the intrenet is not 100% real. I learned to always remember that nobodys life is perfect those girls which looks like walking angels could hate their life, that those always smile mamas which bunch of kids could cry in the bathtop with glass of wine because they are tired. There is so many things that we all hide in social media, me too, I share only things I love and makes me happy, I
will never show you my crying face, I will never share some of my family stories, I will never post privacy of my family, I hate to post negativity and sadness, I don't like to show my face, I will never show you my really bad moments, I never show that I'm scared, sad or just absolute mess but I will always keep in remind for all of you that I HAVE ALL OF THOSE. I'm a human my life is perfectly imperfect and social media is taking this reality from us.

Negativity will  unfortunately always around us especially in internet and social media when most of haters is anonymous and have private accounts so we have to find solution how to deal with them and just flow with everything we love in social media. Here is few of my thoughts and tips how I keep up with negativity in social media based on questions I got.

How to bounce back from negative reviews? How should businesses respond to bad reviews?

It will cost a lot of energy and self confidence. There is nothing bad when you get one bad review in million of positive ones always stay open for all the reviews. Never take them personal and  stay open for constructive critic because sometimes it can even improve you business and skills, sometimes your viewers by bad review can push you to good changes that are much needed in your space. Never insult or be mad at bad reviews, there will always be somebody who don't like you or your work you can't  satisfied everybody around, don't get depressed and out of your goals because bad reviews, push yourself and keep going. If you are in situation when bad reviews are really destroying your hard work or you just can't deal with them by yourself I would highly recommend to talk with specialist which can help you bring good reviews and give you some advices ( click )

+ How to keep emotion out of the equation?

It was so far the hardest lesson I got. I'm really emotional person and I treat my project like my babies and I'm mostly really hard working and I love to be proud of my work only those post and videos which are in those categories are published on my sites and it really can hurt when somebody have bad opinion, hate or insult my work or me. I have no respect for anonymous haters and I'm not afraid to say this, I appreciate constructive critic and advices from people how have good arguments and are not afraid to say it loud and sign under their comment. I learn to just go by all of negativity and keep going with what I love. Of course sometimes it hurts to read bad review but I learned to be calm, think a minute why this person is writing this and before I do something I think twice to not be as dumb and asshole as this person.

+ Is it ok to disagree with an unfairly review in response?

Of course! You will always like what you publish and this is your right and personal opinion. Everybody have different style and may like whatever and there will be always someone maybe jealous, maybe bored or not satisfied from own life and because of this may hate yours, you don't have to agree with bad response but don't be rude, asshole or negative just because you don't like what this person said. Keep calm delete this comment if it makes you feel better, say something to this person, ask why he write this or just make a joke from this situation. Bad review in internet don't describe your life, personality or work nobody in internet knows you so well like you do.

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