11:00 AM

Two weeks back Rudi surprised me with an early Valentines date as I had to go back Poland a bit sooner than we thought, he figured out that we can celebrate a bit earlier this year and even though most of the things didn't went as we planed this boy of mine for sure knows how to surprise me and make girl feel special. He booked a room in a hotel we been never before with an amazing view for a river, yachts and beautiful buildings of Palma, we went for dinner also in a restaurant we been never before and we finally went for a Jazz concert that I hoped to see for so long. This 24 hours date was really special for me, we figured out some of our issues and spoke a lot and most of all we tried to celebrate this relation we have and I'm so grateful for. This evening was much needed mostly because we needed to change environment, focus just on us and made some time together before I go Poland. This day will always have a special place in my heart.

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